Here flows an exotic froth. On a shore of sand: aluminoferrite, tricalcium silicate, calcium hidroxide. But chemistry is just the beginning. It’s concrete poured on folded stone. Ponderous, weathered, blocks supplanting soil. The base of trees painted.

It’s an idea of a doorway: a sluice into the shadows; and the building of walls, the pounding surf of a mason’s hammer; ornamental iron, and undulating like the oceans, sharp edged, folded metallic sheets; and painted surfaces everywhere.

Here are the hours, the rise and fall of light. Off-shore, the shimmering surface of the sea flashing in the eyes of a boy for one passing moment, his dreams moving in the shallows with him as he walks. His hair pulled back into thoughts of floating, being carried away.

Here are the entangled surfaces of a city, the ceaseless motion of waves, and waves shape all.

2024, Puerto Vallarta