ABOUT | My work reflects those moments of chance when the world and experience converge and visually collapse. In the words of Thomas Nail, “The world, body, and brain entrain with one another like interlocking eddies floating down a stream.” My work flows from these contingencies. 

I have always felt compelled to express my feelings creatively. I pounded the piano in my teens and early twenties with new-age and atonal compositions and came very close to an undergraduate degree in music composition. I turned these creative energies to painting and paper collage in my twenties, and to writing. 

It has only been in the last 12 years that I have begun exploring the creative potential of photography, particularly with photomontage and intentional-camera movement, ICM. Photomontage empowers me to overcome the limits of photography’s fixed moment and to create unique compositions. With ICM and a slow shutter, I can use the camera as a painter’s knife to create vivid abstract and expressionistic images. These techniques provide me opportunities to visually break and reshape the world in unpredictable ways. I’ve learned that my sense of interest and beauty are the same irrespective of the medium I choose to work in.

On this site, I organize my work into galleries or collections that explore the emotional and rhythmic similarities of disparate subjects. I also write about life, art and my work, drawing on my readings in science, literature and art. I view this work as the remnants and artifacts of experience shaped by the accidents of time and place. It includes the briefest of expressions in the broadest of contexts: moments of a life scattered into a vast and surrounding manifold. Perhaps this work is no more than a collection of ritual objects of uncertain power.

Okay. It’s a website.

I started exhibiting my photographic work in local and regional galleries in 2019. For a list, see Exhibits.

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