Perhaps this is a strange obsession, using a camera to paint. Yet light is the easiest of materials to work and a constant source of beauty. It also creates the least amount of mess. is organized into multi-page galleries. The gallery below is temporary and frequently changed. It’s what I think is representative of my work at the time. It includes selections from earlier galleries but newer stuff too. And to borrow from my instagram account @mikenyerges, my photographic work reflects the contingencies of time and place, insight and mood.

HOMEMIX — SUNDAY, 27/8/2023. A Collection Both the Same and Different

HOMEMIX — Sunday, 27/8/2023. Finally finishing this. Writing through missing titles and captions. It’s been steady work this month, and productive. A lot of travel in July. First Vienna. Then Salzburg, Vicenza, Padua, and Venice. Spent a night in Newark, New Jersey, A week in Chautauqua. Heard the author Amor Towles there. Now, just catching up. Went out when there was a day of full sun, or two, and a few photos are included. Otherwise, home chores and this.

As I was working on pulling this collection together, and having just finished Amor Towles’ Lincoln Highway, I couldn’t help but think about Woolly’s explanation of the small, personal treasures that he carried around in a box. It’s not, he said, “a collection of different versions of the same thing. It’s a collection of the same version of different things.” But of course! Both different and the same. Just like my readings in linguistics and the resulting index cards in my twenties. Or pounding the keys in my late teens. It’s all a process, different but the same.